easter egg connects with original movie

easter egg connects with original movie

The new series of starwars He has finally revealed his first episodes to us, and right in them, he has given us several interesting revelations and easter eggs that the fans of starwars they know how to appreciate; and it is that, despite the fact that they already knew that the new series of Disney+, Obi-Wan KenobiI would play things from the prequel movies and the original trilogy, only the first episode was enough to show us not only the young man Luke Skywalker on the family farm, but also his sister, the young princess Leialiving a more dazzling life on the other side of the galaxy.

But that is not what has attracted attention, because while it is important, the first part of the series let us see another important easter egg for the original series of films and you may not have realized that it was happening. right in front of your eyes; We say this because as the episode unfolds, we see that Obi Wan has settled in a cave in tatooineand at one point, a jawa comes to your house to sell you some clothes, including a piece that looks like Obi Wan asked him to find specifically.

To which shortly after a haggle, Obi Wan buys it, and takes it to the farm larswhere he decides to leave it to Lukethen, it is right there where the most attentive fans could come to notice that what Obi Wan bought and left for Luke was none other than the model of toy t-16 with whom you see Luke playing in the starwars original.

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So, to bring the whole circle to the starwars original star series Ewan McGregor said he is using the new program Disney+ to help bridge the gap between him and the original interpretation of Sir Alec Guinness of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the 1977 movie, it was like a little trip or opening a time capsule.