For a couple of days a series of rumors and records have arisen where it is pointed out that EA could abandon the name of FIFA for your soccer games. Although the reason behind this decision was a mystery, a new report has revealed that this would be the result of a price increase to use the license from this organization.

According to The New York Time, FIFA would have asked EA for double the money to renew the license of its name by 2023. It is mentioned here that the soccer organization is demanding a billion dollars for a four-year contract. Along with this, it is also mentioned that the monetization in FIFA Ultimate Team would be limited. These are the main reasons why the company behind Battlefield wants to break its relationship with FIFA.

Currently, the contact between these two organizations indicates that EA must pay FIFA $ 150 million each year for 10 years. This agreement was signed in 2013, so in 2023 Electronic Arts has the possibility to leave its current relationship. Along with the price increase and monetization restrictions, analysts have pointed out that those responsible for these soccer games no longer have the need to use the name of FIFA to maintain their business as they are already licensed by various teams, players and tournaments.

Considering that the current contract will end until 2023, it is likely that the next game in the series will continue to retain the FIFA name, but after that delivery, things could look very different. In related topics, this could be the new name of the series. Similarly, here you can check our review of FIFA 22.

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For almost 30 years, the name of FIFA has been around in video games, and the idea that this will change in a couple of years is something that not many of us saw coming. However, EA has every right not to renew their contract if the conditions are not favorable to them. We can only wait and see how this case develops.

Via: The New York Times

EA would drop the FIFA name for this reason

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