EA launches unfortunate tweet, and so the public responded |

EA launches unfortunate tweet, and so the public responded |

EA is a company that has been characterized by its multiplayer games and aggressive monetization in recent years. Let’s remember that star wars battlefront was one of the main responsible for starting the conversation around the loot boxes. Now, The company has given something to talk about by sharing a message that has infuriated the players.

As always, one of the trends on Twitter has become quite popular, to the point that large companies have joined the conversation. This is the case of the meme “It’s a 10, but…”. Thus, EA thought it would be funny to make fun of single player games with the following message:

“They’re a 10, but they only like to play single player games.”

Immediately, the gaming community united under one causemocking EA for this comment:

“So… you remember how Jedi Fallen Order was amazing and even though it was single player, it sold really well. And now it will have a sequel?

“Worst Tweet of the Year Candidate?”

“Countdown to the apology tweet.”

“My brother, you just released Battlefield 2042 and it’s one of the worst online games I’ve ever played.”

Several players have mentioned that titles like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Y Mass Effect Legendary Edition have been a success in sales and with critics, something that you deliver as Battlefield 2042 Y anthem they just couldn’t reply. It should even be remembered that the adventure of Cal Kestis will even have a sequel.

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In related topics, the first look at the new Skate game has been revealed. Similarly, EA could be working on a Marvel game.


Editor’s note:

Although there are multiplayer games that are very worthwhile, such as Rocket League either FortniteIt’s true that the best of all time, and even some of EA’s best, are single-player experiences. Hopefully the company learned its lesson this time around.

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