EA is working on a Battlefield with a single player campaign

EA is working on a Battlefield with a single player campaign

Last year DICE gave us Battlefield 2042, one of the most anticipated games of the year that ended up becoming one of the biggest disappointments, so since then we have wondered what EA plans to do to compose the series. It seems that among the plans is the return of the single player campaigns, because EA Seattle is hiring a design director for one.

EA Seattle is a studio founded last year that has Marcus Lehto between his talent, who was co-creator of Halo when he worked for Bungie. A job posting from EA Seattle says they’re looking for a Design Director to work on the single-player campaign for the next Battlefield game.

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DICE is traditionally the studio that handles the main Battlefield installments, so it’s not known if the EA Seattle installment will be a spin-off or the next step in the franchise. There is a possibility that EA Seattle will work on a new Battlefield Bad Companywhich were distinguished by their traditional single-player campaign and their cast of endearing characters.

EA Seattle is seeking a Design Director to lead the design team and vision for Battlefield’s new single-player campaign experience, implementing the principles that form the core of the franchise.

A couple of weeks ago the head of DICE said that the studio is 100% focused on Battlefield and they don’t have time to work on other projects like Mirror’s Edge or Star Wars: Battlefront. The studio’s priority is to improve the status of Battlefield 2042, which they hope will become an FPS mainstay in the next 3 years.

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