EA has started investigations into FIFA 22 for account hacking

EA has started investigations into FIFA 22 for account hacking

Let’s face it, technology has brought us great benefits, doing things online is usually very practical and in video games it has offered new possibilities to enrich the user experience.

You just have to consider that in popular games, a lot of money is moved, which makes them an attractive field for some to seek to take advantage of illegitimate and illegal way and this is what just happened with some players of FIFA 22 and FIFA Ultimate Team.

It was revealed by reports from several users, that recently there have been several attempts to hack accounts of FIFA 22 and FIFA Ultimate Team. This time it was not a situation related to the use of malicious software.

Because they weren’t looking to get the usernames of streamers or soccer enthusiasts, rather, those involved requested the support of online chat from EA arguing that they required a mail change for the account and that they had forgotten their access credentials and passwords.

With this, the result was a problem, since in some cases, which surely derived from the fact that this type of attention is carried out by third parties and not by personnel directly related to the companies, the requests were accepted, the hackers were able to enter the accounts and emptied them of game coins and player cards.

After this became public, a representative from EA confirmed that the company is already investigating this dangerous situation, they will do everything to reach a solution and took the opportunity to recommend that users activate 2-step authentication as a protection measure.

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So from now on, it wouldn’t hurt to check and act immediately if you receive an email or notification of a change request that you didn’t request before it’s too late.