What sense can a BMW have in electric scooter format?  Here are the qualities of a bet that, however, will not go down the production chain.            </p><div>

For some time now, we have been able to see how the automotive industry is taking a 180 degree turn. In this sense, electric mobility has become the main axis of the transformation that is being experienced, but the truth is that there are many other factors that are intervening in this regard. Autonomous driving or new forms of transport are key here.

Precisely, in this second variable there is a proposal with a differentiating power. The electric scooter, in certain cases, can be considered a competing product of the classic automobile. So much so that there are some other manufacturers that are carrying out the commercialization of original proposals. SEAT is, without a doubt, the most prominent company in this regard.

BMW has used its knowledge to create a somewhat disruptive project

BMW is another of the firms that has carried out the most innovations focused on the search for new transport solutions. Following this pattern, the German company has just presented a proposal that draws attention, mainly, for how curious is the solution it raises. It is nothing more and nothing less than an electric scooter designed for the transport of goods.

Of course, it has a battery pack included and, of course, with a whole set of solutions which is designed to offer a unique performance in the personal transport sector in urban areas. Now, to what extent are we facing an efficient alternative from a commercial point of view? Without a doubt, it presents some other reputational problem.

Can it be favorable for you to include an electric scooter in your catalog? Solving this question is not an easy task. At the end of the day, it can distort the image of the company in the medium term. The goal of the German firm is create a proposal with relevant dynamic capabilities in an electrical environment. Do not incorporate this proposal into your line of business.

Dynamic Cargo, BMW’s proposal in the electric scooter market

To what extent can an alternative of these characteristics have pull? Actually, there are 2 electric scooters that attract attention, above all, for their qualities at an electrical level. Its design reminds us that there is no option that meets the same angles. In contrast, the color white predominates, using very marked shapes to emphasize a supposed sportiness.

The BMW Dynamic Cargo is a scooter that will ultimately not go into production. We are electric

The Cargo variant stands out, above all, for having a differential technology with regard to the 2 axles. On the rear, there are 2 wheels present, which is a must for ensure greater stability to the scooter during transportation. Well, what more details draw attention to the rest of the variants on the market? Look at their pedals.

The performance of this electric cargo scooter is quite remarkable

These offer great performance due, of course, to the assistance of a built-in electric motor. In this way, we are faced with a very useful proposal on certain occasions. As can be read in the specialized portal Electrek, this proposal offers a range of up to 20 theoretical kilometers.

It may seem like a somewhat reduced register, but it is important to bear in mind that coupling a battery in a proposal of these characteristics is not an easy task. In fact, the Cargo version has had to incorporate a larger wheel at the front to offer a higher level of stability. It is, therefore, a design that is thought to the millimeter.

A proposal designed, above all, to make small trips

BMW has no intention of producing, at least in the short term, this technology. This is what he wanted to make clear after his presentation. Even so, this project serves to understand to what extent a brand of these characteristics is prepared to offer a differential proposal in the market. Now, to what extent are we facing a variant with a long commercial journey?

Dynamic Cargo, this is the electric scooter from BMW
Dynamic Cargo will ultimately not enter the production chain. Electrek

For sure, you don’t see many scooters specially designed to load merchandise in the urban environment. Bicycles are seen more frequently. Could we be dealing with a means of transport ahead of its time? The BMW proposal has become an alternative that stands out, mainly, for enjoying a very outstanding performance.

We will have to wait to see if in the future we are facing a electric scooter with capacity to have travel in the market or, if instead, it is only a technology designed to explore potential lines of business. Only time and new industry trends will mark the future of the Dynamic Cargo project.