Dying Light 2 clarifies once and for all how many hours you have to invest to spend it

Dying Light 2 clarifies once and for all how many hours you have to invest to spend it

The debate about the excessive length of some video games was fueled after Dying Light 2 reveal the enormous number of hours it takes to complete 100%. There have been many players who have entered the debate of whether it is necessary for a game to be filled with repetitive content to achieve the up to 500 hours duration in a way that the developed sequel Techland has been in the spotlight perhaps not with very good eyes. Thus, the editor had to explain that this unheard of duration has nuances.

Dying Light 2 can last up to 500 hours if players focus on finding each of the collectibles, listening to each dialogue, locating each Easter egg … However, the main story of the game will take around 20 hours while completing all its secondary content will take around 80 hours. In this way, the 500 hours is a figure for those who want to literally exploit everything that can be found in the game. Techland has specified that many players of the original Dying Light “spent hundreds of hours in the game“despite completing its main story and secondary content in about 30 hours.

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human To Be Released Next February 4th on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. Likewise, the game will have a cloud version for Nintendo Switch. How many hours do you think you will get to invest in the sequel?

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