During transmission, meteorologist called his children for tornado danger

During transmission, meteorologist called his children for tornado danger

It is true that it is important to do your job, but it is more important to ensure the safety of your family; For this reason, a meteorologist from the NBC network named Doug Kammerer decided to interrupt his participation live in order to warn his children about the danger of a tornado.

This remarkable action has caught the attention not only of local viewers, but of Internet users in general, as they have all praised the driver’s humanity and the love he feels for his family that led to this.

In United States, According to Statista, during 2021 alone, about 1,376 tornadoes were recorded by the Weather Servicebeing the fifth highest peak since 1995. On the other hand, 2004 occupies the first place of all with 1,819 phenomena of this caliber.

Meteorologist interrupts NBC live broadcast and calls his children about tornado danger

Yesterday, a video in which the renowned NBC meteorologist, Doug Kammerer appears, went viral on social networks. In it, the driver decided to interrupt his participation for a few moments to call his children and alert them to the danger of a tornado near his home.

The images that have been shared about the event show the meteorologist while he takes his cell phone and tries to detail on the screen the houses and streets that would be in possible danger after the passage of said tornado. Immediately, according to the driver himself, when he noticed on the map that the meteorological phenomenon would pass a few meters from his house, the driver did not hesitate to alert his children.

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According to Kammerer’s own information, his children were alone at the time he made the call, so, without any other option, he asked them to go down to the basement until the alert dissipated. After this event, Internet users in the twitter social network They valued and highlighted this fact, since Doug Kammerer’s professionalism was not an impediment to carefully analyze the situation and remain calm during the live broadcast.

This is the video shared by Doug Kammerer warning his children about the danger of the tornado:

After what happened and went viral, Doug replied on Twitter to the people who expressed and valued his reaction with a few words in messages. Likewise, he clarified that this measure was taken because, as he knows his children well, he knew that they would not see the forecast at the time this could happen.

These were the driver’s words:

“Yes, I had to warn my family! The kids were home alone and I knew they weren’t watching me on TV! Are you sure. Thanks! A scary moment for me though, I was a little freaked out inside.”

And what do you think about the action of this driver?

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