‘Dungeons and Dragons’ is key to the fourth season

‘Dungeons and Dragons’ is key to the fourth season

Dark, full of strange turns, deeper and well thought out. If something amazes and is appreciated from the fourth season of stranger things is its remarkable evolution. From the narrative experiment par excellence to a more careful look at its history, the Netflix series managed to take the step towards maturity with ingenuity. One of the most surprising points is how the script incorporated one of the most emblematic games of the eighties into the plot. It’s about the way the game Dungeons and Dragons it becomes the center of several ideas of considerable interest in the plot.

Not only at the level of context, but also in a way to go through the most important elements of the argument. A highly effective narrative twist that makes the fourth season of stranger things in a well thought out look at his own universe. From its earliest installments, the series distinguished itself by creating an interior world of considerable density. stranger things he uses nostalgia as the cornerstone of several of his more elaborate ideas. But also, as the driving force of the way in which the series perceives the evolution of its characters.

Specifically, the fourth season of the Netflix series — which must elegantly show the transition to adolescence of its leading quartet — that game of references is precise. Not only does it help you understand how far the characters have matured in different directions, but how that affects the show.

The pieces move on the board of Stranger Things

The most obvious way to achieve that evolution was to posit that the interests of its four very young heroes matured in new directions. While the map of narrative lines was expanded to three different scenarios, the original group also begins to tour new spaces. For starters, the Byers family of Joyce (Winona Ryder), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), and Will (Noah Schnapp) live in California. They all deal with grief, anguish and of course with the mystery of Eleven, now a teenager without powers and with notorious adjustment problems.

The argument decides to use the rules of the board and the dynamics of the role, to analyze whatever is happening in Hawkins

The rest of the group remains in Hawkins. And this is the point where Stranger Things amazes with its ability to use what seems like a trivial element to create something new. Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) are no longer just reflections of the show’s internal movements, but points of interest in something bigger. Both are part of a role-playing game team of Dungeons and Dragons which goes back to the first series season. But in fact, it seems that the arcs of their respective characters depend on the game.

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Especially when the argument decides to use the rules of the board and the dynamics of the role, to analyze whatever is going on in Hawkins. The decision gives the characters a new inner journey and also a perception of the nature of the singular of singular beauty.

And as is often the case in adolescence, Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) is now more interested in being a popular kid than solving imaginary mysteries, which alienates him from the original group. That small rupture is carefully and patiently explored in a plot that gradually widens to show that the unevenness of speech and rhythm that was criticized so much in the previous season were corrected in the current one.

A phenomenon that matures along with its audience


During its first and already iconic first season, stranger things showed a tour of considerable interest in the inner world of his characters. And he did it using the classic game Dungeons and Dragons to delve into his look at mystery, time and the terrifying.

For its fourth season, the phenomenon is repeated. Now with the notion that both Mike and Dustin have evolved and with them the sense of the extraordinary. stranger things explore your own mythology with a sensitive ability to find the high points of your proposal.

And in turn, it uses the role-playing game as a vehicle to understand its new plot core. Despite the fact that only six months have elapsed since the events of season three in the series, the plot meditates on maturity. And it achieves that one of its strongest points is to do it under its terms and to the extent that each of its emblematic elements takes power.

Definitely: the series is darker, disturbing and strange than it had been up to now. But it is from its terms, under its journey to more unique places. Quite a plot feat that the series sustains with intelligent eloquence and an endearing sensitivity.