The style of Dua Lipa It is on everyone’s lips and is that the singer has more and more presence in the RRSS for her daily looks. Bold, unique and full of trends, each of his proposals could inspire thousands of fans who adore his personal style. In recent hours, the British has surprised with a look office of the most daring and groundbreaking.

A Friday look from Tamara Falcó

Adoring the trend of the bralette

A few months ago the fashion world announced what was going to happen: cropped tops were taking a backseat to be invaded (or replaced) by bralettes. In the form of a leather bandeau, the singer combined this brief piece with very low-rise pants -90s vibes-, dressing the outfit with a pinstripe blazer.

Dua Lipa Look Blazer Top Bandeau 02

It is not the first time that the Englishwoman opts for a combination of these characteristics, and this is how we see it when we remember her outfit to celebrate her birthday.

The singer also inspires with her makeup

To speak of Dua Lipa is to refer to nail art full of fantasy, however, her makeup takes on more and more importance. Opting for a smokey eyes very marked in the form of cat eye black, the lacrimal area was dressed in a metallic greenish tone to provide light.

Dua Lipa Look Blazer Top Bandeau 03

In addition, the look beauty It was adorned with nude lips that brought balance to the final style.

Photos | Instagram @dualipa

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