Dropbox allows you to make backup copies, do you know how?

Dropbox allows you to make backup copies, do you know how?

Keeping our personal data safe at all times is an increasingly important issue on computers. That is precisely why on many occasions we have recommended you to make regular backups. The current ones cloud services like Dropbox They make this type of task easier for us, as well as allowing us to save space on local disk drives.

One of the main objectives presented by these backups is to be able to recover them in the event of a disaster. For example, if we suffer some type of attack that destroys or blocks all the content of our computer. We can also have some kind of serious problem in the equipment that does not let us start it. That is where these elements come into play that in theory we should have stored on external drives. For years we have used USB hard drives or DVD media to make these copies.

However, thanks to the growth of cloud storage platforms, these tasks have been greatly simplified. Dropbox is a clear example of all this, one of the most popular and veteran services of this type. As usual, the platform allows us to use it both in its web version and in the client that we install on the computer. Well, in order to benefit from the backup function that this storage alternative proposes, we recommend you install your client on Windows.

When we speak of a client, we refer to a program that sits on the taskbar of the system and that allows us to use additional functions. Among these we find the possibility of making backup copies and storing them remotely in the aforementioned Dropbox.

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So you make backups directly to Dropbox

Once we have installed the aforementioned client in the operating system, it automatically carries out a synchronization of our files. But at the same time with regard to the aforementioned backup that we can carry out here, it is preferable that we personalize them. Keep in mind that there are many types of backups and ways to do them, let’s see how adapt the process in this case.

The first thing we do is click on the icon that is located in the taskbar corresponding to Dropbox. To configure the program as such we must click on the icon of our user located in the upper corner of the window, in order to choose the Preferences option.

At that moment we find a new window that appears on the screen made up of different sections. One of them is precisely the called backupswhere we are located.

At this point, what we recommend is to click on the button that says Configuration in order to customize the backup process on this platform. In this section what we do is specify the folders that we want to add to our custom backup. You have to know that in addition to the folders proposed by default, we have the possibility to choose all those that we want to include.

set up Dropbox

However, we must bear in mind the contracted remote space that we have in Dropbox. We have 2 gigabytes for free, something that we can expand through the usual subscription method by paying. From there, the entire process will be carried out automatically.