DriCloud, first medical software within the metaverse

DriCloud, first medical software within the metaverse
  • The metaverse is a virtual space where multiple people can meet without the need for physical contact.
  • With the use of 3D glasses it will be possible to carry out virtual consultations to link doctors with patients.
  • DriCloud is a software specialized in the management of medical centers and allows the management of patients, medical records and other tools.

What until recently seemed impossible is now a reality. Science fiction was the first to suggest that through glasses it was possible to enter an alternate world. Now, thanks to technology, that is already possible and even more things can be done. The clearest example is metaverse and now a company medical software announced its interest in delving into this new technology.

In that sense, medical consultations have seen a radical transformation during the last decades. Traditionally, the doctor and the patient were always required to be in the same place to perform the service. It was the model that prevailed for centuries.

Natural evolution was telemedicine to bring attention to rural areas and far from the big cities. Over the years, it gave rise to medical consultations over the internet. Now physical contact is no longer needed because the service can be done remotely.

During the pandemic, this modality became popular because it was safe for both parties. While the most recent metaverse and thanks to medical software now everything will be transformed again.

What does it consist of?

In this case, the metaverse can be described as environments where humans interact socially and economically as avatars. They do it through software in cyberspace, which acts as a metaphor for the real world but without its limitations.

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To put it another way, it is a virtual space where several people can meet without the need for physical contact. Everything is carried out digitally and the objective is to carry out the same activities that are in everyday life.

From medical video consultations to the metaverse

In that vein, the next step is to bring medical consultations to the metaverse. That’s the project the cloud medical software firm is working on DriCloud. What he wishes is that remote medical care does not prevail even after the health crisis.

In fact, this type of care “has been practiced since new technologies allow it and it will become more and more common,” defends Enrique Galindo Martens, medical director of DriCloud. He also wants professionals and patients to meet in the metaverse to give and receive assistance when there is not a strict need for attendance.

In other words, it will open a virtual environment for medical consultations. This “will make it possible to streamline and alleviate waiting lists and make the procedures that must be carried out when passing the consultation easier for both the professional and the patient,” says Galindo.

As part of this project, virtual consultations are a natural evolution for DriCloud’s 100% cloud initiative. To make it a reality, 3D glasses are already in the testing phase and through their use it will be possible to link doctors with patients.