Many of us grew up with Dragon Ball Z. At the time, there were no streaming platforms like Crunchyroll or Funimation, so all we had was Channel 5. Although currently this anime is no longer broadcast on open television, this will change in just a couple of days.

To the surprise of many, it has been revealed that the Channel 5 will re-air the anime of Dragon Ball Z. This will be from next December 6. In this way, from Monday to Thursday at 5:00 PM, everyone can enjoy the most memorable adventures of Goku and company without the need to pay a subscription to a streaming service or search for episodes on the internet.

This is great news for all anime fans. While this property is currently looking to the future with a new movie, and a hit manga still in development, it’s always nice to see that Dragon Ball Z is available to the public, especially considering the great dubbing work that went into this adaptation.

In related topics, we already know when the beta of Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Similarly, it seems that Goku’s Ultra Instinct was introduced from the original. Dragon ball.


Editor’s Note:

While it is true that streaming platforms provide great ease when watching a series or anime, the option to watch Dragon Ball Z on broadcast television it not only makes it more accessible to the public, but for some it feels nostalgic.

Via: Televisa