Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – These are the details that you may not have seen in the fourth trailer of the film

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – These are the details that you may not have seen in the fourth trailer of the film

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be the fourth movie that Akira Toriyama’s franchise will have since his return. Shortly after the premiere, we tell you the details of the new trailer.

We raise our ki to bring you the details of fourth trailer who left Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero shortly before its premiere. Dated for 11th of June in Japanthe preview shows us more of what we will see of our heroes on the big screen, with animations made by CGI.

A year ago we had the announcement of the release of a new film by dragon ball, superhero will be the fourth film since the return of the franchise along with The Battle of the Gods (2013), Frieza’s Resurrection (2015) and DBS: Broly (2018).

all the details about Superhero: the paper of Goku Y Vegetaprominence for Gohan Y Piccolo, the new one Red patrol and more

We have had a lot of information in just the 30 seconds that the fourth trailer that the franchise published lasts, from Goku and Vegeta on the planet of Bills, Gohan and Piccolo and his meeting with the new members of the already well-known Red patrol, among other things that we will review below:

Goku and Vegeta on the planet of the God of Destruction: As we could see in previous previews, the saiyans strongest in the universe will return to the lands of Bills to train with his mentor, the angel Whis. This time, they will take Broli for you to begin to know your potential, another thing to keep in mind is that Vegeta will have his clothes again Majin Buu Saga.

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The prominence for Gohan and Piccolo: The strongest student-teacher relationship that exists in dragon ball will see a greater number of minutes on the screen, in order to resurface the power and name of Gohanwho is a prodigy with immense potential who has lost space in recent years.

to the son of Goku we see it together with Piccolo involved in a feud against the new Red patrolwith androids Gamma 1 and 2 as antagonists. During the preview, we could notice that Gohan will use your Ultimate Stateunique transformation of the character and, apparently, the role of his daughter Bread could be key in all this.

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The new one Red Ribbon or Red Patrol: the organization that Goku He won as a child and in the Saga of Androids is back with new characters, like the ones mentioned Gamma 1 and 2, with the addition of 2 individuals, both of short stature, one muscular and the other, dressed in a purple suit with an “H” on his chest. We still don’t know what his plans are but, of course, we sense that they will not be good intentions.

The growth of young characters: At last Goten and Trunks reach adolescence! The children of the saiyans icon appeared in the short with an appearance consistent with the passage of time. In turn, the granddaughter of Goku, Bread also presented an aspect of an older girl, since in her introduction Canyon in DBSshe was a newborn.


The rumor of a hypothetical Cell’s comeback: The Patrol red, presence of androids, protagonism for Gohan, these are the keys that the public chooses to unite to bring to life the theory of a possible return of the perfect bio-android. The truth is that there is a precedent of bringing villains from the past, as was the case with frieza, although the data contributes little to the cause, since neither Bandai, neither dragon ball and neither Akira Toriyama said something about CellTherefore, the information must be taken for what it is: a rumour.

The super capsule explodes, is the true villain of the film born?: Towards the end of the video, we can see that what looks like a reinforced capsule begins to give way and break into pieces. This may mean the arrival of the “final boss” of the feature film, although we do not know for sure the truth of the theory.


For now, we are waiting for the latest details of the film, which will take place on the big screens of Japan First, with a release date for the 11th of June, for the rest of the world, there is still no day scheduled for its arrival. what do you expect to see in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?