Dragon Ball fan art shows Kale and Kaulifla training

Dragon Ball fan art shows Kale and Kaulifla training

It is a fact that dragon ball is one of the most popular manga and anime franchises. Since a large part of us grew up watching the adventures of Goku and his friends on television, where we learned to know his incredible story full of great characters, like the two beautiful Saiyans that we will show you today, thanks to this great fan artit is about kale Y Kaulifla.

Kaulifla she is a saiyan, and one of the first females of this race that we could meet in the series, thanks to Dragon Ball Super. She is from the Planet Sadala of Universe 6. She is a young delinquent, leader of a gang, who was recruited by Cabba to be a member of the Universe 6 Team and thus participate in the Tournament of Power.

kale She is another of the first Saiyan women that we could meet in Dragon Ball Super, like Cabba and Kaulifla, she also comes from Planet Sadala of Universe 6, and is the protégé of Kauliflain addition to being a participant in the Tournament of Strength as part of Champa’s Universe 6 Team.

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Now thanks to this great fan art by @elite_nappa, we can see the two powerful saiyans in what appears to be a training environment, and the artist has taken the liberty of imagining what these two sexy warriors would look like training in skimpy, tight clothing. The result is undoubtedly great, as is customary with elite_nappa’s work, as his art never disappoints fans of dragon balland his most recent fan art of kale Y Kaulifla doesn’t disappoint either.

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Loyal fans of the franchise are always finding ways to show their love for Dragon Ball, whether it’s cosplaying their favorite characters, through tattoos, songs, mods, or through fan artlike the one we show you today made by the artist @elite_nappa.

if you liked this fan artdon’t forget to check out @elite_nappa’s social networks, as he has many other amazing works inspired by dragon ball, as this series is definitely his specialty. So do not hesitate to leave a well-deserved like.