The latest projects from BioWare They have not turned out as well as the developer would have liked. Mass Effect Andromeda did not conquer players and Anthem quickly sank into oblivion. With the intention of reborn from its ashes, the studio is working on a new installment of the space saga and on Dragon Age 4.

Matt Goldman, creative director of the role-playing franchise, has left the company after a “mutual agreement between both parties“As reported by Kotaku. An email, revealed by the media, has been sent to the staff to announce the decision:

“I am writing to inform you all that Matt Goldman will be leaving BioWare. We have mutually agreed to part ways, and his last day is today. We understand that Matt’s departure has an impact on you as well as the development of the game. Rest assured that our commitment to a high-quality Dragon Age has not been met, and we will not release a game that does not live up to BioWare standards. We, including the EA executive team, have absolute confidence in the leaders here at the studio and the people who work on this game to carry our vision forward. “

A representative of Electronic Arts has clarified that Goldman leave Dragon Age 4 “in excellent hands on the studio team, who will advance our vision of the game. Goldman’s career is long at BioWare, having first joined the company in 1998.

He has worked on titles of the caliber of Baldur’s Gate or Jade Empire, in addition to having participated in Halo Wars. Goldman’s replacement has yet to be announced, but the truth is that movements among the staff at BioWare have been constant in recent years.

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Director and President Casey Hudson, as well as producer Mark Darrah, left the company last year. On the other hand, several former members returned to boost the work on Mass Effect.