Dr. Strange 2 would have had a darker alternate ending

Dr. Strange 2 would have had a darker alternate ending

Dr. Strange in The Multiverse of Madness a few months ago became one of the most beloved films of Marvel, this thanks to the presentation of characters and its script with touches of terror. And although it had an ending that fans liked, there is talk of one that was discarded and could have been a revolution in terms of alleged levels of darkness.

Spoilers below.

During the audio commentary, the writer michael waldron revealed that the protagonist originally suffered a much sadder fate at the end of the film. During the story, stranger visits a universe where he meets a twisted version of himself known as Sinister Strangewho went insane because of a book.

According to Waldron, Sinister Strange could have swapped places with Doctor Strange, thus being trapped in said universe, revealing the plans on an alternative presentation. And then the villain turns around and opens his third eye. Most importantly, the twist would have been announced with the iconic laugh of Vincent Pricewhich was heard in the video of thriller of michael jackson


It is worth noting, that in the original ending Stephen saw the consequences of messing with him dark hold, since it can be seen that the sorcerer manifested the third eye before moving on to the post credits scenes. For its part, this confirms that there is a third part already planned. which until now has not started its production according to the words of the own benedict cumberbatch.

Remember that the tape is now available on streaming platforms.

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Via: IGN

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