Dr. Strange 2 could affect a future Marvel villain

Dr. Strange 2 could affect a future Marvel villain

the last movie of Marvel, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Darkness It was quite impregnated in the minds of the fans, since it addresses many possibilities in terms of the inclusion of new characters. However, one of the elements of this tape could affect the appearance of one of the most anticipated villains by comics connoisseurs.

During the development of the film, it was confirmed that dreams are just fleeting glimpses that are part of the multiverse, something that could detract from them somewhat. This statement would therefore be affirming that characters like Nightmare they would be discarded, or perhaps they would be given a much smaller role than the one already contemplated.


In the movie you get to explore the realm of this villain a bit, as there is the dream dimension, but stranger he deleted it to leave a simple space that makes a connection between the parallel universes. So if the script has consistency, they may have overlooked the existence of Nightmaresomeone who has been shown to carry out heinous acts.

However, we still can’t completely rule out the character, since stranger could have a new adventure on the big screen, we can see that in the post credits scenes. Also, during a recent interview, the actor protagonist has mentioned that he would like to close the trilogy to the story of the surgeon from New York.

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