Dr. Stone is Getting a Live Action Adaptation

Dr. Stone is Getting a Live Action Adaptation

Throughout the history of anime, some franchises have become so famous that large film companies have taken it upon themselves to bring their stories in live action adaptations. Among the most famous are full metal alchemist, death note and even one of one piece that will come to Netflix. Now, a new brand joins this business.

Through the latest weekly edition of Shōnen Jump it was announced that the play based on dr stone will arrive in July, details about who will play the characters are still under wraps. This adaptation is due to the greatness that the anime has achieved, which will have its last arc in the coming months, since the story in the manga has already ended.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first anime to bring its adventures to the stage. Among those who have already achieved this are Naruto, Bleach, My Hero Academia, Beastars and many more. Although the bad news of all, is that they do not normally leave the land of the rising sun.


dr stone It is an example of late popularity, since the manga began its journey in 2017, but it was not successful until a long time later, thanks to the same fans who made it known through recommendations. And now that it is a consecrated work within the business, an adaptation of live action It was the logical step to take.

Something that is worth commenting on is that users of USA with the service of Hulu they could have the opportunity to enjoy this type of staging with the most famous anime. And it is that in the past a premiere of Spirited Away for the streaming application, although we will have to wait to see if dr stone makes its arrival.

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