Download Gods Will Fall for free on PC with the Epic Games Store

Download Gods Will Fall for free on PC with the Epic Games Store

A new year has already started and Epic games is going to continue with its program that gives away one or two games a week to all PC players with an Epic Games Store account, because after having given away more than 15 games during the second half of December, the company offers a indie game that arrived last year: Gods Will Fall.

Gods Will Fall is an action RPG developed by the indie studio of Clever Beans and published by Deep Silver last year, which has finally hit the Epic Games Store and for free. In this adventure with an isometric view, we take on the role of warriors fed up with the gods and their whims, so they decide to kill them. To get Gods Will Fall for free you only need to redeem it in the Epic Games Store.

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In Gods Will Fall we travel to a world ruled by gods, but these are capricious and torturers with humanity, demanding that men, women and children live as their servants. Because of this, one day eight warriors They decide to destroy the gods and thus begins the story of Gods Will Fall.

Gods Will Fall features 10 gods, each offering an epic boss fight, in levels packed with their minions. Both the boss fights and the enemy fights that we encounter along the way offer a good challenge, since the gameplay of Gods Will Fall is based on reflections, with a easy to learn but hard to master combat system. In addition, each of the eight warriors has their own weapon, by or offering different styles of play.

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Enjoy relaxing landscapes in a brutal world with Gods Will Fall, available for free on PC thanks to the Epic Games Store, from today January 6, 2021 to January 13 at 9:59 am (CDMX).