‘Doubtful Reputation’, a release for Claro Video

‘Doubtful Reputation’, a release for Claro Video

The story of Luis Arturorole of the brazilian Marcus Ornellas, who plays the heir to a successful pharmaceutical company. “Luisar” lives surrounded by many women, each of them with many reasons to hate him and wish him dead. In an unexpected twist, the powerful heir dies, one of them, who is a professional detective, will use all her professional resources to find whoever is responsible for the death of her love, which will lead her to discover that she was not the only one for the eyes of him and that someone else could be related to the death of “Luisar”, as he was known.

Marcus Ornellas, who has a well-known television career, assumes this leading role and embraced the role of “Luisar” despite bordering on the antagonistic. “When the story takes this turn he realizes that the people around him didn’t love him as much as he thought, despite what he always believed is like a bucket of cold water,” he mentioned. The actor acknowledged having a challenge on set that he had not faced before. “Suddenly Luisar faces moments of crisis and gets excited, but it was very strange to me that nobody reacted on set when my character got angry, it’s as if he wasn’t there,” added Ornellas.

Álvaro Curiel Icaza is the director of this joint bet between Claro and Sony Pictures. “It was a project that I fell in love with from the beginning, this work involves a choral performance with great performances and very powerful scenes, a director’s dream,” he said during the press conference.

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Within the cast there are other names such as: veronica langer (Everything will be fine), claudia alvarez (overcome the past), Sarah Corrales (The last king), Grettell Valdez (Looking for Frida), light bouquets (Get on my motorcycle), Itahisa Machado (intimate enemy) Y Susana Zavaleta (Sex, Shame and Tears 2).

Doubtful reputationwill be in the Claro Video catalog from Thursday June 30 for Mexico and the 15 American markets where the platform operates.