HBO Max released a video with promotional content of the main productions that they will have at the end of this year and in 2022 in their catalog. DC’s Peacemaker is one of these.

Marvel and DC they have been increasingly successful. As the years go by and companies release more titles, they take on a greater force in popular culture. However, with the ravages caused by the COVID-19 and other factors have made the entertainment industry progress little by little. One of those advances is streaming platforms, which have completely replaced the television that was known. With this, each comic book publisher, in turn allied with a production company, managed to team up with one of these catalogs, expanding its arsenal.

However, one area in which neither of them was experienced was in the series. ‘La Casa de las Ideas’ had television productions created by Netflix and Sony, while the competition for The CW, but never with the stamp of their own studio.

That changed this year when Disney + made available Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and What If…?

For its part, DC prepared with HBO Max to face the actions of his rival, so he has his first series ready: The Peacemaker. The show will delve more into the history of the character, who was played by John Dinner on The Suicide Squad, and that he will return for said project.

The other that will return will be James Gunn, who will once again assume the leadership. However, this will be his first TV experience, but apparently he had a great time filming, as he stated that after this he could also dedicate himself to shows.

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To give an appetizer, the chain released a video with the main works that it will launch in 2022. The teaser highlights the shots of the program in question, having the ex-fighter of the Wwe as the protagonist.

On the other hand, the promotional content includes some parts of other expected creations such as Matrix 4, Dune or King richard. All of these will arrive next year, or at the end of this, to the HBO Max catalog.

Source: HBO