A few months ago it was confirmed that Idris Elba would give life to Knuckles in the sequel to the live-action film Sonic the Hedhehog, But since then, no additional details about the film have been revealed. Although we will surely have to wait a long time for his trailer, at least we know that the interpretation of the character in charge of Elba it will not be considered “sexy”.

Talking with ScreenRant, Elba He said that due to contract reasons he still cannot reveal many details about it, however, there was one thing that he could clarify:

“Contractually, I can’t say anything. But I wouldn’t say it’s sexy. I don’t think I’m going to do that. Sure.”

The sequel to Sonic the Hedhegog is planned to debut in 2022.


Editor’s note: It is something weird that Idris Elba I have had to clarify this point, but considering that the actor was named as “the sexiest man in the world” back in 2018, he may just want to calm expectations regarding his character.

Via: ScreenRant