Apple currently markets three different Apple Watches. The newly launched Apple Watch Series 7 is the most popular choice. premium, as it has features such as the blood oxygen meter or the electrocardiogram, a larger screen and is available in a wide variety of finishes. The Apple Watch SE, announced in 2020, is the economic alternative to the Series 7. Although it dispenses with some sensors, it maintains a fairly current design and can be purchased with an LTE connection. And finally, Apple markets the Apple Watch Series 3 as an entry model.

The Series 3, remember, was announced in September 2017. It was one of the smartwatch most advanced on the market and came, as the main novelty, with a version with LTE that allowed the use of the smartwatch independently of the iPhone. It also included some improvements at the performance level compared to the Series 2.

After the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 4, the company decided to keep this variant in its catalog, making it a very interesting alternative for those users who did not want to spend a lot of money on a smartwatch from Apple. The same happened with the Series 5. At that time, a watch launched in 2017 for a price of 229 was a highly recommended option.

In 2020, Apple announced alongside the Series 6 the Apple Watch SE. The perfect replacement for the Series 3. The company, however, kept the Series 3 for sale at the same price as last year: about 219 euros for the 38mm size. Suddenly, the very interesting model stopped making sense in the Apple catalog. And now, four years later, the clock still still for sale on the Apple website.

Does an Apple Watch Series 3 make sense in 2021?

The Apple Watch Series 3 has several differences compared to the 2020 model. Su screen is smaller, its design feels dated and, most likely, it will be obsolete at the software level sooner. The economic saving, in addition, is only 80 euros compared to the SE.

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The Apple Watch SE, on the other hand, presents a much more current appearance, very similar to the Series 7. The screen is up to 30% larger than the 2017 one and has a higher resolution. On the other hand, it has health-related features that the Watch Series 3 does not include, such as fall detection. The Apple Watch SE can also be purchased as a Cellular option to be able to use the watch without the need for an iPhone.

Keeping the Apple Watch Series 3 in the catalog is simply absurd, both for its obsolete features (despite being updated), and for its no longer so differential price. Maybe it wouldn’t be if Apple offered this model as an option for the little ones. However, the Family Settings feature, which allows a watch to be connected to a parent’s or guardian’s iPhone, requires an LTE connection, and the Series 3 is not sold with this option.

Therefore, already waiting for a second generation, The most recommended option today is the Watch SE, even above the Series 7. The reason? It is the model with the best quality / price ratio and the one that includes more than enough features to be able to enjoy the Apple ecosystem and the different options for sports and health.