Donald Trump is ready to return to Twitter, but it depends on Elon Musk

Donald Trump is ready to return to Twitter, but it depends on Elon Musk

Remember when Donald Trump swore he had no intention of returning to Twitter? Well, it seems that he has forgotten. According to a new document published by the SEQ Which collects Gizmodo, The former president of the Government of the United States could return to Twitter very shortly.

In said document from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEQ for its acronym in English), the exclusivity agreements between Donald Trump and TruthSocial; its recently launched social network that seems not to have started on the right foot.

As described in it, “President Trump is generally required to make any social media post on TruthSocial and may not make the same post on any other social media site for the next 6 hours. Thereafter, you are free to post anywhere you have access to“.

But there was one last section of the text that caught our attention, and that is that it seems to indicate that Trump will have the freedom to post on ‘any’ social network, as long as your message is politically sound. Of course, for a personality with the title of ‘former president of the united states‘ Under the arm, it is difficult to discern between which messages can be considered political, and which cannot.

In addition, Trump will be able to post from a personal account related to political messages; fundraising or vote-getting efforts on any social media site, at any time.


Although this does not confirm that Trump will return, it seems that the team behind the former president is preparing enough gray areas to allow you freedom of movement At any time. According to his own statements, Donald Trump has no intention of returning to this social network; but this document seems to confirm that this door has not been completely closed.

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Of course, this situation It would only happen if Elon Musk managed to finalize the purchase of Twitter. In addition, Trump’s veto on the social network would also have to be eliminated; so it won’t be something we see overnight either.

Trump, Musk, Twitter and the never ending story

The story between the two tycoons seems to never end. Musk, for his part, is still in the midst of a huge purchase. 44 billion dollars have been allocated exclusively to the acquisition of Twitter, but it seems that the story does not end here.

Very recently, we saw a slight wobble in the negotiations. The businessman temporarily suspended the purchase of the platform. Everything indicates that Musk does not trust the bot data that Twitter offered him before the purchase. Now just like it’s about the drama Successionwe will have to wait to find out how the adventures of the tycoon and his new toy end.