“dog service”; they capture “lomito” shopkeeper and impress the networks

“dog service”;  they capture “lomito” shopkeeper and impress the networks

An “tenderloin” shopkeeper that brings the products to its customers has managed to surprise Internet users with its particular service.

Today there are countless small retail stores (both general and specialized) that manage to meet different needs among consumers, by offering various products that could be useful for their respective sector, thus allowing millions of people to solve their economy.

According to the results of the Economic Censuses, In Mexico there are approximately 4.9 million establishments in the private and parastatal sectors with 27 million people employed in themof which 99.8 percent belonged to the set of micro, small and medium establishments.

Likewise, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI), there are approximately 57 out of 100 Mexican households that have at least one petof which 85 percent of them are dogs.

Considering the high number of businesses in the country and the clear favoritism towards dogs, it is quite common see these pets inside some stores with their respective owners, generally in those smaller or informal businesses, either as security elements, companions, or even assistants.

Users on social networks have captured a particular video, where a dog or “loin” has shown its efficient service as a shopkeepersince this goes for those products that your customers are going to request, drawing the attention of Internet users and earning applause for them.

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East “loin” shopkeeper has managed to generate more than 400,000 reactions just one day after the video was uploaded, where users applaud their service with comments such as “he deserves to be paid the minimum”, “he worked better than me”, “no, that store He has the best customer service, I loved him”, “I love you little ironmonger”, “I hope he has a good salary, food, walks and vacations”, among other types of thoughts that enhance the professional dog work and his way of serving customers.

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The pet favoritism it is indisputably present and we can see it in different “channels”, as the most followed mascots on Instagram have shown us, which can come to attach more followers than an average influencer. But its presence is not only in the digital realm, but more and more businesses have found a way to attract new potential customers, if they adopt the pet friendy trend.

Various businesses, companies and recognized spaces are becoming increasingly integrated into the pet friendly trend and enjoying its benefits, such as attracting customers, as the different shopping centers in CDMX have shown and even some hotels that have won the hearts of those who visit them, as Sofitel and Hard Rock Hotel have shown.

Similarly, some businesses have chosen to integrate their pets as part of their work teamas demonstrated by that Foodtruck where a dog sent food to its customers at home, causing the fast food business to go viral due to its efficient service.

Whether as clients or as elements in work teams, the presence of pets (especially dogs) in businesses has managed to be well received by consumers, showing a little about the importance or opportunity of carrying out the integration of these animals in the different spaces.

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