Does the beer have an expiration date?; expert has the answer

Does the beer have an expiration date?;  expert has the answer

When going shopping there are various things that must be taken into account, this with the intention of making cosmos more and more intelligent, for this reason it is common to compare prices and always look for the best offers; however, aspects such as the origin I have cloaked and expiration must also be taken into account, it is within the latter that it has been maintained the doubt about whether or not certain products have a consumption limit date, and it is now that a content creator has taken on the task of solving the question of whether the beer has an expiration date or not.

Products such as meat, fish, milk, cheese and other products are frequently exposed to pathogenic bacterial reactions, so it is necessary that they have a label that indicates the expiration date, this is because the consumption of these products after a certain time can be harmful to humans; however, there are products that do not expire, or not in the way that other products do, products such as natural honey or alcohol do not have a consumption limit date as long as they are consumed under different conditions.

Beer consumption in Mexico

Data provided by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) and the National Chamber of the Beer and Malt Industry, point out that until last year, Mexico was in 30th place in terms of beer consumption, within the world ranking. Similarly, it was revealed that the annual per capita consumption of beer in Mexico went from 55 to 68 liters between 2014 and 2019, which means that on average each Mexican consumes around 1.3 liters of beer per week, according to data provided by the report “Knowing the beer industry” prepared by the INEGI and the National Chamber of the Beer and Malt Industry.

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Does the beer have an expiration date?; expert has the answer

Within a short video, social media creative @beerreypoints out that in fact beers have an expiration date, especially those craft beers that are not pasteurized, however, they mention that the preferred consumption date is not necessarily an expiration date, since unlike products such as milk, beer past its best before date does not cause strong damage to humans.

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The expert points out that when the expiration date passes, beer under optimal conditions does not spoil or expire, but it loses its freshness, so its flavor is not going to be in optimal conditions, this is due to the fact that beer generally oxidizes over time, so the network user points out that the expiration date of the beer is similar to a slightly hard bread, which is not at its best, but is still consumable; Nevertheless, warns that within what is related to craft beers, these should be consumed, during the dates closest to their packaging.

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