Despite thousands of positive comments, actress Margot Robbie could leave the DC Extended Universe after her participation already filmed in The Suicide Squad.

If there is any truth in Hollywood, is that nothing is ever certain. The Suicide Squad, the next big promise of DC Y Warner Bros. It is already in theaters, but apparently not everything is rosy around the production. The latter could disconcert many, as the film has only been preceded by incredible comments … Although … Will everyone think the same?

Although it is true that there is never unanimity when it comes to entertainment, within a production generally everyone tends to think the same. In other words, when the director is very happy with what was done, most of the actors and participants are usually at ease.

However, some cases where this is not an absolute doctrine. While this is true, there are cases in which there is equanimity, but doubts remain.

This is the picture with Margot robbie, who has always been happy with the role of Harley quinn. “I’ve said it before, I just love that character.”revealed. And still, the actress has her reservations.

The foregoing is discussed after statements in which the artist stated that she is thinking of a “break” because what it represents is “too”.

Such phrases would leave everything that James Gunn he ever mentioned, saying he would love to keep filming this maniac. Now knowing this… Will Harley die in The Suicide Squad?

It is not known, the truth is that the celebrity maintains his thoughts in a confused way, between the love to continue and the will to stop.

On the other hand, he commented that one of the keys to the evolution of the fictional being that he has given life to is entering forums and seeing opinions.

“I go into those forums and think, ‘okay… what do people like?’ And they say ‘oh I love this’, ‘I like that other’. Otherwise, I feel like directors, filmmakers, and writers gravitate toward different aspects of the character. “, adding that this is how you configure your personal contribution.

To find out more, just remember that the film is already available in cinemas and in HBO Max.

Source: EFE