Does hair grow back on a tattoo?

Does hair grow back on a tattoo?

Before doing the tattoo, the skin also needs to be prepared for the procedure. Cleanse thoroughly, removing any oil or cream from the skin. Also, if the particular area of ​​the body has a lot of hair, we should shave it. By shaving, we allow the tattoo artist to complete the tattoo without any problem and we will ensure that the stencil adheres correctly to the skin.

it will take more time

The first few days after getting a tattoo, it will be an open wound. We’ll need to care for it the same way we would any cut or scrape so it doesn’t get infected. We have to keep it clean at all times and hydrated, but only with specific creams and lotions.

If the area where we have tattooed did not have hair before the procedure, it will not grow hair afterward. On the other hand, if we had to shave before getting the tattoo, it is almost certain that this hair will grow back. However, it may take a little longer as the skin was damaged during the procedure, and will need to heal on its own before hair grows back.

There is no need to worry, the hair will start to grow back after the first few days and gradually it will look like it did before we gave you the tattoo.

Why shave before getting a tattoo?

Shave the area before makes it easier for the tattooist to complete the tattoo. This gives them a clear view of the skin without having to fight through a forest of fur.

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Removing hair will also allow the tattoo stencil adheres to the skin. Perfect positioning of the stencil will ensure that the design transfers to the skin as a perfect representation of the design on paper. As the tattoo artist completes the tattoo, any remaining hair can interfere with the needle and leave blank spots in the tattoo.

Since the hair will grow back, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t shave before getting a tattoo. Shaving the area will give the perfect results that we expect.

However, many people worry about ingrown hairs when we shave for a tattoo. An ingrown hair occurs when hair grows back into the skin instead of coming out of the skin. This can cause pain and swelling with bumps on the skin that may contain pus.

It is possible that we suffer from ingrown hairs after shaving. However, if we make sure to shave the area with shaving foam or gel, the chances will be reduced. Many tattoo artists will shave the skin when it is dry, which increases the chances of problems occurring. The direction in which we shave also affects ingrown hairs. We must shave the hair in the same direction in which it grows to avoid any problem.