Does Caliber work with all e-books?

Does Caliber work with all e-books?

Over the years, electronic books grow and spread in terms of use. We are not only talking about novels, but in this format we can find files belonging to user manuals, courses, reports, etc. In fact, we can find hundreds or thousands of these stored content, so the Caliber software it is an excellent solution for your management and administration.

Today we can use several programs of this type that allow us to control and manage our library of content of this type. As you can imagine, most of them are compatible with practically all the existing file formats. If we have to look for a leader in this software sector, there is no doubt that we will find him in the aforementioned Caliber. Here we meet a open source project that does not stop growing and improving thanks to its constant updates.

It puts at our disposal a user interface that at first can be a bit confusing, but that we can customize and adapt to our needs. In addition, it offers us a huge amount of all of them related to our ebooks and we can even install certain add-ons. Among the many characteristics or modes of use that this program proposes, one of them is the direct reading of these electronic books. For all this, it offers us a powerful reader from which we can even edit these contents.

However, with everything and with it not all users are for the work of reading this type of content from their Desktop PC or laptop. In general, we use our favorite electronic books from devices such as mobile phones, tablets and a specific e-book reader.

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What is Caliber’s compatibility with readers

Maybe some of you don’t know, but Caliber has an interesting function related to our e-book hardware readers. Specifically and through the contextual menu of the program, we have the possibility, for example, send the contents of our library directly to the device. This is something that can save us a good amount of time and effort when managing our ebooks from here.

And it is necessary to take into consideration that in the event that it is necessary, the book manager itself is in charge of convert that file to a file compatible with our device. This is why it may be the case that we wonder about the compatibility of the program with hardware readers. Well, you have to take into consideration that we are rarely going to have problems in this regard.

We tell you all this because, as the program developers indicate, Caliber can connect with practically all e-book readers, smartphones, or tablets. The main reason for all this is that any device of this type that connects to our computer via USB and is displayed as a disk drive, it is supported. This means that the vast majority of e-book readers today work directly with Caliber.