documents, images, videos, and more

documents, images, videos, and more

There are a series of web pages that can save our lives at a given moment. The last of them that we were able to talk about in Genbeta was Online Convert, being able to convert multiple files to other formats easily and quickly. Today it’s time to talk about another web page that will be tremendously useful to us in this sense: XConvert.

XConvert basically allows us convert multiple files to other formats, be they documents, audios, videos, images, and more. We can instantly see the variety of formats that it supports, since if we go to its website, we will find endless sections to go from one format to another.

Transform all types of files easily and quickly

The web began as a PDF converter in 2002, and little by little it has been admitting more formats until it has become a tremendously versatile tool. And it is that in XConvert we will surely find everything we need in our day to day when it comes to file conversion.

Whether it’s to change the format of an image, to make a book in ePub format compatible with our eBook, to convert a document from Docx to PDF, among many other options, XConvert will be of great help to us. Its operation is quite simple. And it is that we will only have to select a conversion banner and choose the file from our team that we want to use to transform it to the desired format.

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The Web It also has several filters at the top, to more easily find the format we want to go to. Among them we have encoding filters, conversion, compression, and even tools for creating memes.

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When we are proceeding with the conversion of any file, at the top, where it says ‘Downloads’, we will find a section where they notify us of all the processes that we are carrying out through the web. Furthermore, by selecting any conversion option, we will also have direct access to other tools related to the selected format.

The website also has paid versions in which allow us to upload files without bandwidth limit, get higher compression, and more. The price is $4.99 for its Basic version, which supports files of up to 1 GB and processing time of up to 4 hours, and $9.99 for its Pro version, with files of up to 4 GB and greater file width. riser band.