Doctor Strange and the ennead, are they related?

Doctor Strange and the ennead, are they related?

After the first chapter of Moon Knight the ennead could have more to do with Doctor Strange. Contains spoilers for the first chapter of Moon Knight

The deities are practically as great as religions have been throughout the history of civilization. From the Mayans with Hunab Ku to the Catholics with God. Obviously the world of Marvel was not going to fall short and since its creation in 1939 it has been introducing gods, including them many times as superheroes. Now it seems that they are going to take on a greater relevance in the next movie that they are going to release, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Thanks to the UCM, which has managed to exploit the phenomenon of superheroes, we have been able to see several gods, but the main ones are two: Thor and Loki. These gods of Norse mythology have brought stories closer to viewers that until then they would not have been able to understand or see. It is also true that these stories or this mythology is not explained as in its origins and has been very transformed.

These mythological milestones have given the publisher and its writers the opportunity to take their stories to the maximum exponent. Thinking that the gods live among us and that they can be one more superhero has brought things closer to normality that were only intended for more specialized people. Thor and Loki are just one example of the success these characters can have within comics and stories.

The deities of the MCU

Ever since Moon Knight and his series for Disney Plus began to be talked about, the idea was shuffled a lot if it was going to be within the so-called UCM, where the stories converge and mix. It seemed that no, but according to the latest rumors we could see how this series has something to do with the rest.

depending on the page ScreenRant everything has a logical explanation and we have to go back to Wandavision. In this series we can see how Wanda Maximoff has created a new world with her powers, where she knows what she really is, a witch. In one of the conversations she has with her enemy Agatha Harkness, she realizes what she really is. The power that Wanda wields does not appear to be through some kind of radiation as previously thought. The source of that power is dark or ancient magic.

The creator of this ancestral magic is Chthon, an entity that belongs to the «Old Gods». A kind of deities that were before the humans themselves and created the universe as we know it. This source of power, along with the dark book that Wanda reads to become the “Scarlet Witch” shows us that the MCU is beginning to look for something else to explain where the powers come from. This chaos magic would be totally direct with the «Old Gods».

Until now, all the origins of superheroes had been explained by scientific milestones or by extraterrestrial causes. All more or less logical. With the premiere of The Eternals, it was seen that there were some kind of superior beings that were not only the aliens. These characters were included in the MCU as special beings that were above humans, even though they were superheroes.

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Doctor Strange and his possible villains

In the next Doctor Strange movie we have already been able to see that there is a god who will become one of the sorcerer’s dangers. Shuma-Gorath is the real name of this god, who appears in several stories in the comics. What when appearing in the film has had to be renamed as Gargantos. Possibly because Marvel does not have the rights to be able to show it on screen with that name.

The inclusion of this god and having seen how they have been included, both for their mythology and their danger, makes us think that he could have more villains. In the first chapter of Moon Knight we meet the character played by Ethan Hawke, Arthur Harrow. The leader of what looks like a sect to the Egyptian goddess Ammit. This goddess, tells the mythology, that she was the one who ate men depending on their actions.

Thanks to this character and understanding a little that the powers of the Scarlet Witch come from deities prior to the human race, we suppose a very important change in the UCM. The UCM, after all, has a fairly great similarity with the Marvel comics, although they have modified many things for the benefit of the film plots.

If the character of Gargantos is in the film and this gives the possibility that the ancient gods are in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It wouldn’t be strange if we could see Harrow’s character in that movie. The Sorcerer Supreme will have to combat various dangers and the opening of these multiverses could make these Old Gods, the Ennead, his next enemy.

The Ennead and its importance within Marvel

The Moon Knight really is one more god, although he has not been revealed in the series, and we do not know if he will be talked about in the series. In the comics, Moon Knight belongs to the Ennead under the name Khonshu, the moon god. We can see this god briefly in the first chapter but his motive or future has not yet been explained.

The Ennead within the world of Marvel comics have had a fairly great relevance. Apart from being a great protagonist as a group within Moon Knight, there have been characters that have become fundamental bases to explain many things.

We remember that the group of the Egyptian gods of Marvel is made up of Anubis, Atum, Bast, Bes, Geb, Horus, Isis, Khonshu, Neith, Nun, Nut, Osiris, Sekhmet, Set, Seth, Sobek and Thoth. This group is also called the Heliopolitans.

The Aeneid is really only the most powerful gods in this group, but it opens the doors to many more things than we initially thought when Moon Knight was announced. The gods in comics have a great relevance, and I’m not just talking about those known to everyone like Thor, Loki or Zeus.

This relevance has made them have their own series and that they are in the same world where all the main plots take place, the so-called Earth-616.

Now we have several doubts about what we will see in the next Doctor Strange movie since it could be the beginning of films and series dedicated to these deities. Seeing how really even the most powerful wizards in the universe succumb to an ancient power.

What do you think? Tomorrow the second episode of Moon Knight will premiere on Disney Plus.