Doctor Strange 2 rules out this X-Men

Doctor Strange 2 rules out this X-Men

We know that Doctor Strange 2 will have amazing surprises and cameos, but they have also confirmed who will not be.

The trailer of Doc Strange 2 revealed that we will be able to see Patrick Stewart What Professor Xwhich does not mean that all the x-men of the previous films are going to return. Since for now, we must rule out Cyclops from james marsden. At least, that’s how the actor himself explained it.

In a recent interview, the actor james marsden he was proud to have his name once again associated with the character.

“Interesting. Oh now, I’m hearing my name a lot. Yeah, we’re going to bring it back now 22 years later… right, what is the Multiverse? I mean, it’s, yeah… MCU. And what is the version of Sonic in the MCU?

In addition, he confirmed that he will not return.

“No. I’m not going to be in Doctor Strange 2… So I’m not going to see it… I mean, it would be great to see those two worlds collide.”

James Marsden in X-Men

They will reboot Cyclops.

Even though Doc Strange 2 have several X Men of the previous films, the plans of Marvel Studios they are to reboot the mutants in the coming years. Therefore, they will hire other actors to play the best-known characters from the comics.

While the sequel to Sorcerer Supreme is going to be a true multiverse madness, which means whatever they’ve come up with we’re bound to get to see it. In addition, they will bring different variants of the best heroes and it is already speculated that they will be Storm from Halle Berry and Wolverines from Hugh Jackmanalthough for now it has not been confirmed and we will have to wait to find out when this film arrives in theaters on May 6, 2022.

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