In the field of health, it is essential that values ​​such as the I respect And the responsability. Both are necessary for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to this profession because they are the basis for a good relationship with patients. Although that is not all because when they fail, legal consequences of different impacts can be generated. The clearest example can be seen with a doctor who is in the middle of a global scandal. All because he is accused of recording the women he cared for without their consent.

What happened?

This painful situation occurred in Seville and based on the local media, the alleged perpetrator is a 64-year-old doctor. It is indicated that he works in various offices and it all began when a patient filed a complaint.

What the woman points out is that she came for a consultation for a chest ailment. On going to the office, the doctor proceeded to perform the auscultation but she felt something strange. What he noticed is that the doctor had his phone in one of the top pockets of his gown and it was on. An argument immediately ensued and at that moment he realized that he was recording it.

There are more than 100 victims!

When he went to the authorities to present his complaint, a search was made of the doctor and all his belongings. At that time it was discovered that on his computer he had videos with more than 100 patients whom he had dedicated himself to recording in the same way and without their consent.

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While he did not always use his phone because the inspection of his office found that he had a pen with a mini recording camera. With this device he also dedicated himself to spying on his patients.

Based on what has been identified, this improper action was carried out at the time of auscultating the chest or inspecting the vaginal or anal area of ​​the women. In addition, he was not limited to his office because he also offered home consultations and there he also proceeded in the same way.

This is a very sensitive subject. At the moment the doctor is in custody and through the videos and the clinical files they are trying to find the whereabouts of the affected women. The objective is to encourage them to file their corresponding complaint, which could drastically increase the conviction against the doctor.

This fact has already caused a worldwide scandal. Also remember that within the office the confidentiality and privacy of patients must be respected at all times. Whereas, if someone is to be recorded to have a testimony, their consent must always exist.