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Doctor builds a life-size X-Wing

Doctor builds a life-size X-Wing
  • The project began in 2016 and was finally completed this year.
  • The ship is an exact replica of the one that appears in the movies of
  • Star Wars although the only thing it needs is to fly.
    Responsible for this idea was Dr. Akaki Lekiachvili, who works at the US CDC.

To date the saga of starwars remains one of the most important in the entertainment industry. It all started with the movie released in 1977, which became a phenomenon that made millions of dollars in profits. Then came the toys, comics, television series and other paraphernalia. But now the most important thing is that the dream of many has become possible. It is a version of X-Wing in actual size.

A story from another galaxy

If you are a follower of this saga created by George Lucas, you know that it is one of the most beloved objects. This ship appears in the original tape and is remembered because it is used by Luke Skywalker to destroy the Death Star.

He has since appeared in other films in the franchise. She is associated with “the good” and her name originates from her form. The wings that she has to be able to fly simulate a giant “x”.

Now, if something distinguishes starwars it’s the huge fan base that counts around the world. And that’s not all, but many take their passion to the limit through clothing replicated from those that appear in the film saga.

In fact, every May 4 marks the Star Wars Day. It is a special date for all the fans, who show their love for the films directed by George Lucas. The idea arose from the phonetic resemblance between “may the 4th” and “may the force be with you”, one of the iconic phrases of the saga.

But even among fans there are levels and one decided to unite his passion with his engineering knowledge. The result resulted in a ship X-Wing actual size and the most amazing thing is that it can be used. Although it cannot fly, it does have a wireless remote control that allows it to roll at an average speed of 6 km/h.

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Responsible for this feat is Dr. Akaki Lekiachvili, who works as a physician in Atlanta at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In interview for CNN He points out that his project took him six years and he did everything during his spare time.

Naturally he is a big fan of starwars but his story is quite peculiar. She was born and raised in Georgia when it was a nation dominated by the Soviet Union. Therefore, everything related to the western world was prohibited.

It was not until the late 1980s, when he moved with his family to the United States, that he was able to see fantasy films for the first time. From then on he fell in love and his greatest aspiration was to become a Jedi and fight against “the dark side”.

dream come true

For its part, in 2016 it began with the design of this Life-size X-Wing. At first he only had weekends available but with the arrival of the pandemic he had more free time to fulfill his dream.

As part of the ship’s features, it has jet thrusters that open and close. While inside the cabin there are two cameras and a guidance system like the one used by Luke Skywalker in the original movie of the saga. In fact, it also has a version of the R2D2 droid inside it.

Finally this 2022 the project was completed. At the moment it has only been used for some public presentations in which it captures everyone’s attention. But it also has another objective taken from the current times. It seeks to raise money to help the population of Ukraine that has been suffering from the Russian invasion for months.