Do you want to receive an EXTRA €10 after selling what you no longer play with? find out how

Do you want to receive an EXTRA €10 after selling what you no longer play with?  find out how

Everyone has a console in their house that is collecting dust or some physical game that when you started playing it, you realized that it was not what you expected and you ended up forgetting it. Stop collecting things that you no longer play with and sell them in Eneba. What’s more, Until February 14, you will get an extra €10 if it is your first sale.

How to sell and earn the extra €10

If you still don’t know what Eneba is, it’s a second-hand market for gamers where you’ll find everything. So you want to sell your Xbox One at a good price and with that extra money buy the new Xbox Series X | S?, well earning money and creating an ad in Eneba is very simple.

Just you must enter the website, upload some photos of the product you want to put up for sale with a good description, and that’s it! It will be much easier for you if you do it from the mobile APP, which you can take the photos from the phone:

Some benefits of selling on Eneba

If I haven’t convinced you yet, the extra €10 for the first sale is not the only benefit you will get from selling your stuff. In addition to make extra moneyas Eneba is a marketplace specialized in gaming, you will sell your things much faster than anywhere else and without meeting strangers in the street and avoid haggling, you put the price to which you want to sell your stuff.

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Once you sell the product, you only have to approach the Post Office or UPS, and you will not have to pay anything, the buyer will pay for the shipment. And most importantly, the money you earn can be safely transferred to your bank account.

The €10 balance will remain in your account after you complete the first sale, This balance will also allow you to buy at Eneba without any type of commission.

Do you want to start selling? Start now.

The best free games for PC in 2022

Some games that you can sell fast on Eneba

If you have already decided to sell but you still do not know what, I leave you a list of the best-selling games. You’ll find xbox series x gamesXbox One and even Xbox 360!

You’ll find many more games to put on sale, and by the way why not, to buy one for yourself.

What else can I sell here?

Here you will be able to sell everything that has to do with gaming and video games, a PlayStation, any of the Nintendo consoles, a gaming PC or its components or even that old mobile that you only used to play Clash Royale.

You can sell everything in this Marketplace specialized in gaming.