If you have a Android mobile you probably use WhatsApp. Today we are going to tell you what kind of messages your whatsapp account in danger. You may think that you are using the service correctly and that you are actually violating the terms and conditions of WhatsApp and Facebook. Simple nonsense like forwarding a message from a friend can cost you dearly if WhatsApp detect that you do it habitually. Do you want to know what kind of messages? We will tell you!

These are the prohibited WhatsApp messages that you should not send

Since a year ago WhatsApp fights strongly around the world to end hoaxes and misleading chains of messages. Even so, these are still present on the platform and can be very dangerous. Not only are they problematic because of their content and intentionality, also for all those who forward them.

Yes you receive a chain message with a hoax or scam you should never forward it. No matter what its purpose is: if you think it is a hoax with malicious intent or contains a link to steal your data don’t make the mistake of resending it.

Do you send these messages on WhatsApp? Be very careful with your account

WhatsApp haunts these messages and it can detect that you are one of the people who constantly shares these types of hoaxes or scams. If it detects it and believes that you do it regularly, your account could be blocked. What’s more, WhatsApp it does not take these things lightly and will not issue a temporary block, it will be permanent.

This means that you will never be able to use your whatsapp account and you will have to change your phone number in order to open another account. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot forward anything, but you should be careful if it is fake news, scams or messages that encourage you to enter data on other platforms.

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In short, do not send any message through WhatsApp that may be compromised or has a dangerous double bottom. Nothing may happen, but if the service notices it may be too late and your WhatsApp account is closed.

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