Do you know how to choose the right medical shoes? Here are some tips

Do you know how to choose the right medical shoes?  Here are some tips

As a healthcare professional, you must spend a considerable amount of time on foot. Therefore, use the suitable medical shoes can make your working hours more enjoyable and provide you with unrivaled support.

All those who work in the public health sector have many tedious hours and understand the importance of good footwear. Therefore, nurses, medical residents and health professionals who work an average of 12 hours are the ones who understand this problem the most.

Therefore, if your medical shoes are not comfortable, you will experience foot pain and discomfort throughout the day. With this in mind, today we present some tips for choosing the right medical shoes.

Do you know how to choose the right medical shoes? Here are some tips

1. Cushioning and arch support

We have heard the importance of a superior arch support and a cushion for medical professionals. It is not only important for the feet, but can also improve posture and prevent lower back pain. Plus, proper cushioning can reduce the shock of running in those urges and walking.

2. What you need is a wide tip

Over time, the toes will spread. Therefore, even the shoe that was tried on before buying it can cause pain during long shifts. To overcome this problem, invest in shoes that have a wide toe box. Also, make sure you order a size that is not too small but roomy to accommodate your feet comfortably.

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3. Non-slip is an ideal choice

Hospital floors can become extremely slippery, making them dangerous for both patients as for nurses. invest in shoes rubber sole with good soles is important for nurses and residents. On the other hand, if you already have shoes without rubber soles, getting anti-slip pads can be helpful.

4. Mesh or leather – what to buy?

Sneakers are one of the popular shoes for almost all professions, but they are not so good for men. healthcare professionals. Mesh uppers are generally light and breathable, but they are difficult to clean. Since specialists or nurses come into contact with body fluids, it does not offer much protection against blood, vomit, or urine.

On the other hand, leather shoes are easy to clean. By simply wiping them down with an antimicrobial wipe, you’re ready to go. While they are heavier than their mesh alternatives, they are a style symbolas they can be used everywhere from meetings to patient care.

5. Change your footwear

Leather is generally more breathable, but this does not mean that it can trap odor for long. What’s more, wearing the same shoes for longer periods can cause athlete’s foot, warts and problems related to bad smell. In addition, it also tends to wear off quickly and doesn’t dry out when worn. To make the most of your shoes and keep your feet healthy, wear a Antiseptic cleaning spray to kill bacteria and germs. Also, changing your shoes will give you time to dry naturally.

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