At Bullfrag, we usually alert you from time to time to clones that seek to go through a terminal when in reality it is quite another. In other times, these terminals made it clear that they were not the originals, however, we see how now they try to camouflage themselves, with a name, technical features and even appearance, similar to the original model. Huawei’s Mate 40 family is once again the protagonist of one of these scams, from which we must flee at all costs.

Many Chinese factories are dedicated to plagiarizing the design of many popular mobiles, in order to capture the attention of many curious, who end up taking the bait. These terminals usually end up in portals such as Wish or Aliexpres, which open the door to this type of product, coexisting with the originals. Let’s remember that before it was even presented, the Mate 40 Pro was already the target of a fake, much less refined than the one we show you today and that has as its protagonist the Mate 40 Pro Plus, the most powerful Huawei mobile to date.

A Mate 40 Pro Plus that is not

The protagonist is now a supposed Mate 40 Pro Plus, which is sold on Aliexpress. The alarming thing about the ad is that it tries to pass itself off as a Huawei mobile phone, with the name “HUAWE”, which if some absent-minded person reads it too quickly, they may believe that they are facing the Christmas offer. However, in the name of the model no letters are eaten to try to make the hoax more credible, and we read the model nailed as “Mate40 Pro +”. The only difference is that the word “Mate” is joined with the “40” unlike Huawei, which writes it separately “Mate 40 Pro +”

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High-end features?

Once again, what is striking is the price, since in its most powerful variant, it can be purchased for 130 euros. It is advertised as a device with up to 12GB of RAM and 12GB of internal storage. Inconsistencies do not take long to appear if we look in detail at these benefits. First of all, it indicates that the device integrates the MTK6889 processor, if this were true, we would be talking about the MediaTek Dimensity 1000, a chip that rivals the most powerful of Qualcomm, Exynos or Kirin. Recall that the Mate 40 Pro has the Kirin 9000 inside.

Do not pick on your Kings purchases with this fake Huawei Mate 40 Pro +

To buy? Nor as a curiosity

We also see that the advertiser indicates that more than 60 devices have been sold, but we do not see any valuation in this regard, something also suspicious. It claims to have an on-screen fingerprint sensor, 5G connectivity, a 7.3-inch screen and five rear cameras with a 50-megapixel main sensor. Although we know that it is not an original Mate 40 Pro +, these specifications can make anyone’s curiosity pique, who for 130 euros would have in their hands a high-end ready to fight in 2021. However, we see how on many occasions, similar terminals arrive at the hands of users who report finding entry-level technical characteristics, so the risk is not worth it.