.-As part of the strategy to reinforce actions against alleged health remedies, the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris), issued five health alerts for deceptive products, formerly known as “miracle products”.

These are those that promise to alleviate ailments, remove pain or cure diseases without presenting any technical-scientific evidence, taking advantage of the urgency of people and causing health risks.

The five deception products noted are:

“Osteo Sin Max”, which is offered in cream and tablet forms, and is marketed as a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory. The product appears to be indicated for herniated discs, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and gout.

“365 Skinny High Intensity”, also know as “Body Balance High Intensity”, which are capsules advertised as a dietary supplement and are attributed properties as an accelerator of weight loss and metabolism, relaxant and controller of cortisol levels, among others.

Do not buy these miracle products -

“Cicatrisan Plus Max”, which emulates being a treatment for conditions such as gastric ulcers, colitis, acute or chronic gastritis, diverticula and the prevention of colon cancer.

Do not buy these miracle products -

“Pulmo Calcio”, offered as an expectorant for the rapid relief of coughs in presentations such as ampoules, micro-bottles, tablets and syrup.

Do not buy these miracle products -

“Kidney Life Plus Max”, in tablet form, is advertised as an auxiliary product in the treatment of kidney pain and infections, urinary tract and prostate infection, as well as to prevent the formation of stones and grit in the kidney and kidney stones.

Do not buy these miracle products -

None of these five products has a sanitary registration, since they have not proven their safety, quality or efficacy, and by not knowing the content of their ingredients, they represent a risk to the health of those who consume them.

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Additionally, as it is of doubtful origin and lacks verification of its production plants, the hygiene conditions in its preparation or storage are unknown.

This commission recommends that people not consume or buy such products or any other that does not comply with current regulations. By identifying them for sale, you are invited to make a health report at:

These products cannot be advertised, marketed or distributed either. Establishments that do not comply with the regulations will be subject to the appropriate administrative sanctions.