To homologate a skylight of a camper van, there are a series of requirements that must be met and you will need certain documentation to be able to go to any ITV station. This is where the skylight installation is finally legalized.

At the time of camperize a van, both the light as the ventilation are key points. And both in one and the other, the skylights they are our perfect ally. But installing a –or several- skylights Does it have to be homologated? And in case it is so How is it certified?

Yes, you have to homologate the installation of skylights and, therefore, a number of technical aspects must be met. But it is one of the easiest elements to homologate, despite the fact that its installation is not particularly simple. And that specialists should do it, because otherwise we will risk having water inlets.

What must a skylight comply with to be able to certify the installation

The skylights are divided into two groups: those of 40×40 cm or larger, and those that are below these dimensions. In case they are 40×40 cm, or larger, it is a requirement that they have the approval password kind 43R, which must be engraved on the skylight itself. But if it is inferior, however, they do not need to have it.

Other requirement technician, when installing a skylight for subsequent approval, is that the structure is not modified vehicle. And the meaning of this is as simple as that beams do not touch vehicle. In the event that a beam is cut, not only will we not be able to homologate the skylight, but driving with the vehicle will also be prohibited due to lack of safety.

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And in the installation itself, it depends on who does it and how they want to do it, but the usual thing is to use specific adhesives resistant to both humidity and ultraviolet radiation. In some cases, hardware is also added in order to prevent water leaks into the interior. It’s critic check the tightness.

Do I have to approve the skylights of a camper?

How to certify the installation of a skylight in a camper van?

In order to homologate a skylight we will need a copy of the technical sheet on all sides, as well as the circulation permit, and photographs of the van with the installation carried out –from the front, from the back, from the two sides and a top photograph-. To this we have to add the make and model of the skylight, in addition to the photo of the approval password for skylights 40×40 cm and higher.

We will also need a photograph of the installed skylight, we will have to declare the new height of the van and we will have to describe which have been the fixing elements that have been used to fix the skylight. This is all the documentation and information that we will need to be able to start with the homologation of the skylight.

This is what the workshop installation certificate As the laboratory compliance report. If we do the installation of the skylight in a specialized workshop, then they will be in charge of collecting all this information to prepare these two documents that are required to be able to go to ITV and legalize the installation of the skylight there.