One of the cases that not many users know is that, today, we can find a multitude of options for mobile phones, so that we can give it another totally different touch. But can a Pixel get out of ‘pure’ Android and use a custom ROM? In addition, it is important to consider whether or not it is worth it, since Google’s mobile software offers different advantages that we will see. Although, the real question is whether they exist or not.

The options for the Pixel

For starters, it would be strange if no one has thought about the smartphones of the Mountain View manufacturer. As much as Google is, it is strange that we do not find different options on the net that allow us to switch to a custom ROM to put aside the pure Android experience.

And although the catalog of options varies depending on the model we have in our possession, the truth is that there are different alternatives. Even the latest Google smartphone, the Pixel 5a, already has its first Custom ROM, and that just went on sale a couple of months ago. Therefore, one of the first options that we have to show you is the LineageOS option.

However, it is not the only alternative that we will have within our reach to say goodbye forever, or at least for a while, to the pure version of Android. We also have the options of CopperheadOS, a custom developed to increase security and that was designed exclusively for different Pixel models. Right now it is compatible with models 3, 3a, 4 and 4a. And, as a last option we bring you ProtonAOSP, which is more focused on performance.

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Is it worth the change?

However, although we will find different options, the truth is that when a user decides to get hold of a Google mobile, the truth is that you have to know what you are going to find. Basically, we will be facing smartphones that have the cleanest version, since they do not have a customization layer. Therefore, we will only have the functionalities and news offered by the Android operating system.

Google Pixel 5a

With this, a higher performance is also gained in the terminal, so when changing the ROM we could even lose that power that a smartphone with more Stock software offers us. And not only this, but we would also say goodbye to the fact that Pixels benefit from being one of the terminals that receives the updates faster of the operating system, and it is that it would have to be of some use to have a phone manufactured by Google.

Of course, everything will depend on whether we do not want our Pixel to stay anchored in an old version of the operating system, since once the official support time has passed, we will no longer have an update and, at that time, installing a Custom ROM can be of great advantage. Although, we must take into account the difficulty of changing it in a terminal. Therefore, the decision to install it or not will depend on each user.