Surely sometime during your pregnancy you heard the phrase “quiet, that will hurt the baby,” but how true is it that discomfort affects the baby?


Yes, fighting with your partner, anger and other strong emotions can negatively affect your child, since certain chemicals are released in your body which reach the baby directly.

Some specialists agreed that the fights or discussions that take place during pregnancy generate in the baby:

Low birth weight

Stress can slow your growth in the belly.

Premature delivery

That tension can bring you an increase in your blood pressure, problems with the baby’s development, premature delivery, and problems with the placenta.

Problems in baby’s brain development

If stress or anger are constant in pregnancy, chemicals are generated that are absorbed by the baby and affect its development.

The conditions are similar when you spend most of your pregnancy crying, that is why they recommend being as calm and relaxed as possible for the good of your child and yours.

You get angry a lot?