Diversity and inclusion, fashion or mode

Diversity and inclusion, fashion or mode

For an organization to go out to the media to express its support and commitment, it must first be consistent. We have seen cases where companies express that they support these concepts, but many times in their organization there are many opportunities that are yet to be implemented.

The concepts of Diversity and Inclusion refer to the incorporation with dignity of a person with a particular condition or position, to a work activity. It allows promoting the process of recruitment and selection of personnel with disabilities, sexual orientation, race, gender, facilitating the breaking of paradigms and discrimination gaps.

An organization that does not have limitations to hire people with disabilities, sexual orientation, gender diversity, etc., understands that there is an optimal opportunity to access talent without barriers or stereotypes related to their condition. Also, this will raise your corporate image because you are creating social and not just economic impact in your country. This generates a more attractive image of the company towards society and the consumer.

Ensuring the hiring of the best talent is recognized as an added value in the business structure. It makes it possible to promote sustainable growth and create a profitable economic environment. Research by the McKinsey firm shows that when companies invest in diversity and inclusion they are in a better position to create more adaptable and effective teams; furthermore, they are more likely to recognize diversity as a competitive advantage.

According to an article published by the newspaper El Economista, in October 2021, only 30% of companies in Mexico are intentionally inclusive. Progress has been slow, despite the fact that the topic is not new and research confirms that companies with diverse teams can be up to 25% more profitable than those where this organizational culture is not promoted, according to a McKinsey study.

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Although diversity and inclusion has different approaches for each organization. For example, 60% will focus their actions on gender equality, another 54% seek ways to be more inclusive in terms of age and only 34% direct efforts to respect sexual orientation, as we see the organizations give different approaches to diversity and inclusion.

From my point of view, it will always be more effective to create committees within companies focused on this issue, committees made up of men, women, people with disabilities, with different sexual orientations and age differences, this will result in creating policies and practices that lead to the organization to meet its objectives in Diversity and Inclusion.

In my experience, these practices are highly effective and so we can make pronouncements before the different stakeholders, that the company has diversity and inclusion policies and that it practices them, offering clear data and examples. It is very important to measure progress, because if it is not measurable, it will not be known if it works. An inclusive company has to be constantly reinventing itself, but to do so, it must measure the results of each action it carries out, taking into account that its most important asset is its people, the talent that, when diverse, makes it much richer. ” and completes the company.