Display settings to see larger text and icons in Windows

Display settings to see larger text and icons in Windows

At the moment in which we are ready to customize the appearance of the Microsoft Windows system, we can make use of a multitude of functions and features. Many of them make direct reference to the screen and the elements that we see on it. Precisely for this reason we are going to show you some settings that allow us to increase the size of texts and icons.

And it is that not everyone has the same eyesight, as I am sure many of you already know. This means that the visual health of some users is better than that of others, so the windows display settings can be radically different. In this sense, Microsoft tries to make things much easier for us through a series of functionalities. We can use lighter or darker themes, wallpapers more or less full of objects, increase or decrease the brightness of the screen, etc.

With everything and with it in the event that we only wish increase the size of certain elements displayed in the system, the signature makes it easy for us. It offers us a series of functions for this to which we have almost direct access in order to improve the user experience if we have some visual difficulties. In addition, these parameters will also be useful if we simply want to work more comfortably in Windows.

Therefore, in the event that we want to increase the size of the system text fonts and Microsoft system icons, we can do it in a few seconds and mouse clicks. At first, it is enough that we place the system on the desktop and click with the right button on a blank space.

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Increase the texts and icons you see on the screen

In the contextual menu that will appear on the screen at that moment, we choose the option Screen settings. This will lead us to the corresponding application of the operating system itself, but already located in the section that interests us now. Here we are going to find a series of parameters, all of them related to the screen in the Microsoft system. In order to see the mentioned elements with a larger size, we can increase the percentage of the section called Change the size of text, apps, and other items.

At first, the software itself shows us the recommended configuration based on our hardware. But we can also increase that percentage to see the largest elements. In the same way we have the possibility to reduce the screen resolution and try other configurations to increase the size of certain elements, but this change is not the most recommended.

Another interesting step that we can take in this same direction is, returning to the desktop and to the same context menu, now go to the View option. This will allow us to establish a size for the icons that we use almost constantly and that we place here.

To finish, we will tell you that, if we have vision problems and it is difficult for us to read the texts, in the Windows Configuration application, we can place ourselves in Accessibility. In this section we find directly a scroll bar that will allow us to increase or decrease font size used by the operating system.