Star wars visions came to Disney + last month, and it showed us that this streaming service can double as the home for various anime productions. In this way, the mouse company surprised us today by announcing that are more than ready to fully enter this market.

Through a statement published today, it has been revealed that Disney is already working in conjunction with several Japanese and Asian animation studios, to offer a selection of completely original works and adaptations that fans have been waiting for. Here’s what Luke Kang, president of Disney Asia Pacific, had to say about it:

“[Disney] combines the company’s global resources with the best content creators in Asia Pacific to develop and produce original stories on Disney +. With world-class services becoming mainstream, the emergence of world-class content from Asia Pacific, and growing consumer sophistication, we believe this is the right time for us to deepen our collaboration with the best content creators in the region to offer unparalleled storytelling to audiences worldwide. “

Similarly, these are the four anime that are already in development:

Yojohan Time Machine Blues:

“The new Japanese animated series is the sequel to The Tatami Galaxy. It is the most recent work of the writer Tomihiko Morimi and the production studio Science SARU ”.

Twisted wonderland:

“An anime series adaptation of the popular Disney mobile game Aniplex.”

Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall:

“A Japanese reboot animation of Black ★ Rock Shooter, a character popular with global fans who has generated music, action figures, games, and animation.”

Summer Time Rendering:

“A Japanese animation based on one of the major manga titles with a cumulative total of more than 130 million page views on the Japanese web manga application Shonen Jump +.”

Regrettably, at the moment there is no release date for some of these animes. Considering the level of quality that we saw in Star wars visions, it is very likely that these new productions also have the same attention to detail and are very worthwhile.

In related topics, World’s End Harem it has been delayed until 2022. Similarly, a VTuber has reached Playboy magazine from Japan.


Editor’s Note:

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Although Disney + offers completely original quality content, if you are not a fan of Marvel or Star Wars, there is not much to see. Let’s hope that the arrival of anime on this platform is not only limited to new works, and some classic productions that are liked by the public will be licensed.

Via: Deadline