The official account of Twitter from Disney + has joined the red flags trend, where it mentions that its Star Wars trilogy was not good.

The universe of Star Wars It is one of the most iconic of science fiction cinema for several decades, which even manages to show its importance today. In accordance with Statista and its ranking of the highest grossing films at the global box office to date, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is the fourth best positioned, managing to raise 2,068.5 million dollars.

According to the site of Wall Street International in 2015, from the beginning of the saga in 1977 until that moment, we would be talking about sales of merchandising, movies, toys and box office sales, the franchise would have already grossed more than $ 28 billion, so clearly its fans are eager with each audiovisual production on that title.

In 2021 Disney would have bought the rights to Star Wars from Lucasfilm, for 4,050 million dollars, a fact that would cause the direction and content of these films to fall directly to the company. However, and despite the fact that it managed to have one of the highest grossing films in history, some star wars fans they do not have the due affection for this new disney trilogy compared to the previous ones, and they have been in charge of showing this opinion numerous times, now the Community Manager of its streaming platform has done so.

The account of Disney + Latin America has joined the trend in networks social of the Red Flags, where the red flags emoji is used, in order to inform about a dangerous situation from which we must move away, mainly from people, or in some cases, from brands. Despite this, Disney + joined this, hinting that the last Star Wars trilogy was not good, that is, the one that Disney was commissioned to do.

Faced with this event, social network users unite with this thought, while at the same time some others worry about the future of the person who made said publication.

A difference of opinions was experienced among the users of the networks, where some consider this publication as a success, while others consider that this strategy of the Community Manager is unprofessional.

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Some of the missions of brands to join the world of social networks is to stay present in the mind of the user, promote interaction between company / user, communication and gain new followers, so it could be considered that this strategy, at Despite accepting that the latest Disney trilogy was perhaps not as good as the previous ones, it is effective, since in 15 hours it has achieved more than 2,000 comments, 13,000 retweets and 36,000 reactions (so far).

Despite this, we are seeing some other comments that mark the Disney + CM as unprofessional by making fun of his trilogy of Disney from Star WarsBut most likely you already knew what you were up against and decided to do it on purpose; Fortunately for him, more users are in favor of the publication than against it.

Previously other brands have tried to join this trend by red flags, where they seek to demonstrate the dangers of certain situations, however, their results have had mainly negative reactions, as was the case of BBVA that joined the trend in networks and users responded with complaints; or also when Cinépolis decided to join it and the Users reported that their cinemas were showing deficiencies in the sanitary protocols of the pandemic. What do you think? Does it benefit or affect the brand?