Digital marketing will be essential

Digital marketing will be essential

The Guide Delivery 2022 It is presented as the ideal space for the platforms of eCommerce can have greater visibility and growth.

As is already known, the arrival of the pandemic accelerated the digitization process throughout the world; a period that, in order to survive, forced people to seclude themselves in the digital universe due to an extreme confinement that lasted, in some places, just under a year.

In this sense, social networks, the eCommercethe so-called “hybrid life”, among others, are concepts that took on greater strength from the emergence of Covid-19.

Starting from this premise, digital marketing, so essential at a time when digital platforms have positioned themselves like never before, will be much more than a bet for brands and/or companies that wish to expand their value among the billions of Internet users who access their own social networks every day.

We are also talking about a new context in which consumers are looking at different perspectives of brands; Now, they look for those that offer them a better shopping experience and, on the other hand, that leave a positive footprint on the environment.

It is because of that Delivery 2022the special edition of Market 2.0has been placed as one of the strategies for the platforms of eCommerce in order to get your services into the right hands.

Who participates in Delivery 2022?

  • Local and international couriers
  • packaging
  • Online store platforms
  • Digital marketing
  • Website development
  • branding
  • Digital means of payment
  • marketplaces
  • Logistics and storage companies

The Guide Delivery 2022 is the most important annual edition in terms of scope and visibility that becomes a useful platform to ensure that your company’s differentiated proposal reaches the right hands: directors, owners and heads of companies and brands that are looking for the best partners in logistics to generate successful strategies.

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Do not miss the opportunity to reach the more than 11 thousand 500 subscribers of the magazine Merca2.0 along with the July issue; however, if you want to stand out you can opt for a paid option to include your logo and even a review.