Digital marketing vices in the real estate sector

Digital marketing vices in the real estate sector

  • In the pandemic, the trend increased; however, the sector faces vices when it comes to hiring professionals.

  • They face a lack of agency specialization, prospect tracking, and networking with advertising.

During 2020, the real estate sector in Mexico contracted due to the health crisis and although it has recovered in recent years, the low investment in infrastructure and the rise in prices for the market and consumption in general have stopped it; However, the sector in Mexico has remained resilient and has not been left behind in digitization to mobilize, according to LaMundi, in the second half of last year the demand on-line represented 70 percent of the annual in the country. In this panorama, Emilio Porter and Mariano Porter, CEO’s of Momnt Agency consider that the digital marketing it becomes an opportunity for the sector, but it faces a lack of specialization and a lack of follow-up of prospects by the agencies.

In the first year of the pandemic, real estate transactions came to a standstill, and according to Deloitte, it focused on “reduce your operating expenses, take care of the cash, ensure the maintenance of the value of its assets and evaluate future scenarios for the industry”. To mitigate the damage, the sector had to take into account the changes in the business, new initiatives and projects to adapt to the changes.

In 2021, an industry with great recovery momentum was registered and by 2022, the expansion of the real estate sector remained present.

Speaking about the effects of the health crisis, Mariano Porter, CEO’s of Momnt Agency, told Merca2.0 that“real estate in Mexico will never end because it is the fourth most important economic activity in the country.”

Information of Lamundi indicates that the winning real estate search in Mexico by participation at the national level during 2021 was residential with 83.5 percent, followed by land with 8.9 percent, commercial with 4.5 percent, corporate with 1.6 percent and industrial with 1.3 percent. hundred.

Although real estate and developed companies faced a scenario where physical experiences were no longer an option, the real estate offer never stopped and was supported by the digital marketingl to offer properties.

The majority national offer on-line (80 percent) It is concentrated in Mexico City, State of Mexico, Querétaro, Nuevo León, Yucatán, Jalisco, Puebla, Quintana Roo, Veracruz, Guanajuato, Coahuila de Zaragoza and Baja California Norte.

Faced with the great opportunity, real estate companies began to hire marketing digital to sell and reach consumers; however, they faced major vices that prevented them from maintaining a relationship with the potential buyer.

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It is not about technology, but about reaching the mind of the real estate consumer with the fundamentals of marketing

From the point of view of Emilio and Mariano Porter, CEOs of Momnt Agency, there are several vices of marketing in the real estate sector several of them are: lack of specialization, lack of focus on the fundamental bases of the marketing and lack of follow-up of prospects or leads.

Specialization is essential to obtain a competitive advantage and for the company to become a leader in the sector. It can help prosperity: drive sales, profits, expand customer bases, increase loyalty, and attract skilled employees.

According to the CEO’s of Moment Agency, the developers have the marketing and united sales, but they do not focus on any single one, which causes a disenchantment with the digital marketing.

“They are simply trying to catch many rabbits at the same time and not doing one thing or focusing on one thing, that is what is hurting the conversion a lot,” they commented exclusively with Merca2.0.

Also, Emilio Porter said that part of the vices in real estate marketing is that the agencies are “everything”.

In a second point is found in choosing technology and strategies before knowing the fundamental bases of the marketing to reach the consumer’s mind and position themselves in the top of mind

From the point of view of Mariano Porter, CEO’s of Momnt Agency, it is necessary to understand how selling houses on the internet works and, beyond technology, it is necessary to analyze the “psychology of selling to the mind”.

And it is that the consumer will continue buying properties; what will change are the vehicles like Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram. Therefore, we must understand how the mind works.

Once you understand the market and the customer’s vision, you have to carry out advertising that builds links with the audience. Making direct advertisements and without the intention of creating loyalty means that there is no “marriage” with real estate products. On the other hand, if the consumer is “invited” to go out, have dinner or go to a restaurant, the environment changes, Mariano Porter said by analogy.

“What we always say is that you have to create an alliance, a relationship with the prospect, you have to know him, take him by the hand to understand him, in order to generate that sale to the client”, Emilio Porter noted.

From the point of view of the specialists, the agency does not have to make the sale, but rather take the prospect to the person specialized in the branch so that they can specify and follow up on time, since going for the sale is not understanding marketing.

“Because if you understood marketing you would realize that there is much more possibility of adding value by understanding how the mind works how to influence (…) at the end of the day you retain clients, they recommend you, your business grows, you have more money than your business can make more scalable”, concluded Mariano Porter.

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