Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

If something has shown us the world digital is that the marketing trends They are in constant change and we must adapt to this in order to continue creating effective strategies, these are some that will arrive in the 2022.

The Covid-19 pandemic made one thing clear to us, consumer habits, trends and successful marketing strategies change from one day to the next and it is increasingly important to adapt to the digital world. According to the study Digital 2021 Global Overview Report published by We are Social and Hootsuite, during 2021 Mexico had a increase of 3.5 million internet users and 11 million active users on social networks compared to 2020; Similarly, the percentage of growth in the Mexican digital world increased in social networks by 12.4 percent, which represents 11 million new active users in networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Twitter among other applications.

The time spent on the internet also increased and users now spend 9 hours and 1 minute connected to the internet (almost an hour more compared to 2019), 3 hours 27 minutes connected to social networks and 1 hour 34 minutes reading news online. Among the most used devices are smartphones with a 98.7 percent presence, 74.2 percent laptops or PCs and 48 percent tablets.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

With the above information we can see that the digital world continues in constant growth, both in the number of users within the internet, use of mobile devices and an increase in active users in social networks, so we have digital marketing for a good time. Between the digital marketing trends that we will find inside the 2022 will be:

Content of value – Our first impression before the consumer will always be the most important and the one that will define whether he decides to remain or withdraw from our sites. The content that we generate for our users should arouse their interest and provide them with more of what they are looking for in order to position ourselves over the competition and be a point of reference for them in the future.

Chatbot – The artificial intelligence makes its way into the world of instant messaging to provide quality service to any client regardless of the time, meeting their needs quickly and efficiently, as well as automating repetitive tasks and concentrating on other vitally important functions.

Social media advertising – As the number of users on social networks and their time of use skyrocket even more, it is vitally important to do advertising within these to be able to make our target audience known directly to their hands.

Voice searches – The appearance of new technologies controlled by voice commands are having an increasing presence in the market. An example of this we have with the Amazon Alexa speaker, a device to which you can ask questions and it will give you an answer, there is also the case of Siri or Cortana. According to the Google application, 27 percent of the total searches are done by voice, so it is necessary to adapt to the necessary strategies to place ourselves within this map.

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Influencer Marketing – The thousands of influencers around the world gain new followers every day who can be a potential consumer of our product or service. The survey conducted by The Influencer Marketing Hub (in collaboration with Viral Nation and NeoReach), shows that 75 percent of companies that choose to implement influencer marketing They have managed to increase their income, which is why more and more marketing experts are joining this strategy.

Sale on social networks – Not only is it enough to do social media advertising It is also worth including the sale of our products within our social networks and take advantage of the three and a half hours that users spend daily within these platforms.

Augmented reality – The advancement of technology has allowed new ways in which the consumer can experiment and enjoy new experiences, making us stand out and differentiate ourselves from the competition. Within the augmented reality strategies that we can find are the images and virtual objects in 3D. While this type of strategy allows the consumer to interact, we can personalize the content and measure the results in real time.

Join a Marketplace – By belonging to these platforms as Amazon, Market Free, Linio, eBay, etc, we managed to show our product to millions of users around the world. Statista shows again that only Amazon During the year 2020, it increased its profits to 386.06 billion dollars, that is, a growth of more than 100 billion dollars in one year, so integrating ourselves into any of these platforms is of vital importance if what we offer they are retail products.

UX / UI design – It is very important to implement a work focused on User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) to improve the user’s presence on our site and avoid the bounce rate as much as possible. In accordance with SemRush, a high percentage of bounce can be registered on our sites due to poor quality content and bad user experiences on our website, ideally we leave the job to a website expert who allows optimize the design and functionality of our page to avoid these rebounds as much as possible, an objective which we will achieve with a job UX / UI.

eCommerce – The pandemic showed the world the Benefits of the eCommerce which has come to stay thanks to its many benefits, including the ease of entering a catalog of our products so that the user can buy from the comfort of their home (in addition to providing more confidence and security to our consumer). Statista shows in his study that in 2019, Mexico represented sales of 14.3 million dollars online and this number is projected to rise 70 percent by 2024.

The evolution of technology and the increase in time spent on the internet means that we must bet on new marketing strategies. These are the 2022 digital marketing trends that would be worth considering to implement in your strategies, increase your brand value and sales.